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Diabetologist Dr. Christopher Jones joins Tula’s team as the Chief Medical Officer

A practicing physician, Dr. Jones is the Medical Director for Diabetes Care at Intermountain Healthcare.  In addition he is the Communications Director for Diabetes in Primary Care at the American Diabetes Association.  His addition to the Tula team has provided key guidance in how Tula’s service offering is shaped. 

Microfabrication of bioimpedance sensors

Utilizing carbon nanotube technology, Tula in partnership with Brigham Young University has been able to miniaturize bioimpedence sensors.  These sensors are several magnitudes more sensitive that conventional bioimpedence sensors and more reliable and consistent.  Working together with Tula’s nano-spectrometer will enable Tula to monitor continuously and noninvasively blood glucose, blood pressure, blood oxygen, potassium, hematocrit, hydration, EKG, temperature and other key health metrics with clinical precision.