understand what makes you unique

Celebrating your individuality, Tula offers technology that is broad and flexible to meet your individual needs and goals.

You will receive a welcome kit with everything you need to get started, including Tula’s Genie, a companion smartwatch and diabetes testing supplies.

With these tools in the palm of your hand, you will better understand your body’s unique characteristics as you monitor and track your blood sugar, steps, sleep and heart rate.

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Blood Sugar

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Heart Rate

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platform technology

Your Genie is able to integrate with other connected devices that enable you to monitor the following: blood pressure, blood oxygen, weight, body mass index, continuous glucose monitoring.

driven by you

With an eye toward the future, Tula’s team of scientists and engineers are developing an innovative, noninvasive technology designed specifically to help you better manage your health.

Our technology is backed by 24 issued and 61 pending patents along with over 60 years of management expertise in noninvasive- and micro-fabrication. This platform technology can monitor across disease states, ranging from chronic heart failure to diabetes and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.