The solution
to improve health,
lower risk
and reduce costs

We combine continuous noninvasive monitoring technology with 24/7 support and encouragement that engages members in changing their behaviors and improving their health while reducing their overall cost of care.


The growing
need for change

During the next 60 seconds, ONE adult will be diagnosed with heart disease, another THREE with diabetes. One in every two adults or 133 million Americans has one or more chronic conditions.1 86% of healthcare spending is spent on treating chronic disease.2 

With no real-time visibility and accountability, most don’t understand the importance of managing their health until they are in the emergency.

CMS Average Annual Cost per Member3

  • Healthy$2,025
  • Diabetes$15,920
  • COPD$25,817
  • CHF$28,963
[1] Ward BW, Schiller JS, Goodman RA. Multiple chronic conditions among US adults: a 2012 update.
[2] Gerteis J, Izrael D, Deitz D, LeRoy L, Ricciardi R, Miller T, Basu J. Multiple Chronic Conditions Chartbook.
[3] Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Utilization/Spending State Level: All Beneficiaries, 2017-2015.

Empowering members'
circle of care

Chronic disease affects millions of us and for many it can be a struggle to control and manage their health. With little actionable information, one can easily feel confused, dicouraged and alone.

Deploying our advanced BioCheckTM technology with the “human touch” of the Engagement Center along with an empowered existing clinicians, case and care managers, we have created a community that enables members to engage and take control of their health.



Actionable Data Drives Measureable Results

When members engage and properly manage their health it results in better outcomes and lower costs. Not only can proper management effect near term costs by as much as 20-30%, but it can also alter the course of future healthcare costs.4 Studies show that for diabetes proper control and adherence from testing and managing their disease on a daily has the following long term effects:

Advanced Technology

Non-Invasive Continuous Monitoring

Personalized Support

24/7 Support and Engagement (Human Touch)

  • 76% reduction in eye disease (Retinopathy)5
  • 34% reduction in amputation6
  • 57% reduction in foot ulcers7
  • 60% reduction in nerve disease (Neuropathy)5
  • 60% reduction in kidney failure5
  • 57% reduction in non-fatal heart attack, stroke, or death from cardiovascular causes5
[4] A Proven Solution For Improving Health and Reducing Costs for Those With Diabetes [Brochure]. Orem, UT: ActiveCare, Inc.
[5] Diabetes Control and Complications Trial/Epidemiology of diabetes interventions and Complications (DCCT/EDIC) Study Research Group.
[6] Reduction in Diabetes-Related Lower-Extremity Amputations in the Netherlands: 1991–2000
[7] Preventing Foot Ulcers in Patients with Diabetes, (2005).

A focus on changing behvaiors

With Tula Health you have real-time visibility into the health of your members and the comfort knowing that they will receive the care and support they need.

It’s a solution of monitoring technology, data analytics along with 24/7 community of care that work together to improve health while dramatically lowering the financial impact on your bottom line.