behavior, transforming lives

In addition to providing industry-leading technology, our programs and services are specifically designed to assist members in modifying behaviors, allowing them to better manage their health.

  • Removes Compliance Barriers
  • Eliminates Costs of Testing Supplies
  • 24/7/365 Support and Encouragement
  • Increased Visibility to Clinical Care Team
  • Supports Behavior Change
  • Reduces Cost of Care

Better management and control begins by knowing your numbers

With no testing and monitoring there is no way for a member with a chronic condition to properly manage and control their condition.

Continuous monitoring with Tula Health, allows members to better monitor and modify behaviors to improve their health.


Engaging members in their health

Whether providing an orientation and encouragement to a new member or assisting during an emergency, our Engagement Center is there.

Staffed 24/7/365 our Specialists are ready to assist. Working in conjunction with members existing care team, under the direction of our CMO the engagement center provides the member with the encouragement and support they need when the need it.

Rise Above

Derived the South Pacific word “tula’i” meaning to rise above Tula Health helps those living with chronic disease to “rise above” their condition to live healthy and productive lives while lower their cost of care.