Robert Davis, PhD

Director of Nano Sensors

Industry leader in research of nanoscale science and engineering by using chemically synthesized and biologically derived nanostructures as templates for self-aligned assembly of micro and nanoscale optical, mechanical, and electrical devices.

Specialist in Carbon Fiber X-Ray, AP5 X-Ray, Diamond Chromatography Media

Founded Precision Membranes which produce filters for cancer detection using 3-D microfabrication technology

79 Published journal articles 14 patents issued; 22 patents pending

Professor of physics at Brigham Young University; Degrees from Brigham Young University, University of Utah and applied Physics Postdoctoral from Cornell University

Kevin Sears

CRO, Chairman of Board

Doug Haymore

CEO, Vice Chairman of Board

David Miller

CTO, Board Member

Jeffrey Peterson

CFO, Board Member

Marc Probst

Board Member

Jerry Henley

Board Member

Robert Davis, PhD

Director of Nano Sensors

Joseph Moody, PhD

Director of Algorithmic Research