David Miller

CTO, Board Member

David Miller has degrees from Brigham Young University in electrical engineering and a Masters degree in physics with an emphasis in optical and photo spectroscopy and biomedical engineering. He has worked as an engineer and scientist for Motorola Corporation, Computer Sciences Corporation, Hema Metrics, Enovate and LG Electronics.

Mr. Miller has more than 80 personal patents, 6 FDA 510(k) clearances, ISO 9000 certifications, CE and UL approvals. At LG Electronics he oversaw all aspects of LG Electronics’ healthcare intellectual property and patent portfolio development including the development of a patent strategy authorizing major portions of patent submissions and monitoring of competitive patent positions.

While at LG he designed, developed and secured the world’s first FDA approved device for non-invasively measuring blood hematocrit. This effort has included all aspects of product development, from idea conception and research, through mathematical modeling and prototype design, and finally culminating in product engineering and manufacturing integration. This project required a strong “hands-on” involvement, providing the majority of design concepts and engineering direction to a team of engineers, programmers and scientists specifically recruited and hired for this project.

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David Miller

CTO, Board Member

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